Hello and welcome to my site, which aims to provide a variety of prompts every few days in order to inspire some creative writing each week.

As a full-time teacher of English and an aspiring writer, I am only too familiar with the frustration in not having enough time to write, nor the inspiration.  However, last year I made a vow to myself that I would try to write for seven minutes a day, or I would have to stop calling myself a writer at all.  That promise to myself led to the publication of several articles in national news papers, a trashy novel through a publishing house and several Kindle self-publications of both fiction and non-fiction content.  I feel more confident in calling myself a writer now, but I still have a long way to go.  Hopefully, this page will combine my love of writing and the nurturing of the talent in others… leading to some productive work for us all and the development of our skills.

Please join me on the quest to become a real writer and:

  • Write creatively for at least seven minutes every day
  • Develop your skills by writing creatively to the given prompts
  • Post your work, or a link to your work, in the comments section below.  You could even set up your own WordPress site that contains your work that has been created using the given prompts.
So, here comes the first prompt.  I have often found that I am fine with actually writing scenes, dialogue and description,  but often lack inspiration regarding plot.  One way I have overcome this is by using Tarot cards to outline a rough plot, which can be fleshed out as you write.  As you are probably aware, Tarot cards each have a signification or meaning, and so are perfect for use in this way.
todorov-theoryI drew several cards at random and set them against Todorov’s narrative theory; a structure which fits many short stories and main plots of many novels.
Equilibrium – the normality that is described at the start of the story through the setting and portrayal of main characters.
Disruption – the problem
Recognition – how the characters recognise the problem and their initial responses
Repair – what the characters actually do about the problem
New equilibrium – the conclusion, the new state of normality, often where something has been learned.
So here are your cards which match to Todorov’s theory.  Try to write a short story using these ideas, or maybe even a play or ballad.  I look forward to reading your responses.


Equilibrium:  The normality at the start of our story is someone who works hard and perseveres in working towards a goal.  They labour long hours and never give up.  They are honest, true and loyal.



Disruption:  The main character suddenly receives a windfall or benefits unexpectedly from the fruits of their hard work.  How this is a problem is your choice.  It may change them, or cause others to change.

Recognition:  The Lovers card suggests that the character will be firmly rooted in a sense of security, feeling that everything will still be fine.  They feel that the sun constantly shines on them, which might be a problem or solution in itself.

Action:  The character must fight for what they believe in and what they want, feeling attacked from all sides.

New Equilibrium:  The character will start off on a new path in life, with renewed enthusiasm and sense of purpose in life. They will change career as a result of what they have learned.



Good luck, and don’t forget to post what you write.


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